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How can the industry make huge energy savings?

The ebm-papst company, Europe’s manufacturer of high efficiency fan and motor technology, hosted a free-to-attend seminar, which focused on energy savings in the hospitality sector.

The seminar took place at ebm-papst’s purpose-built Client Centre in Chelmsford on 11th July, with speakers including Julie Allen, energy manager of Nando’s; Martin Evans from The Malthouse Consultancy; Mark Sait of specialist hotel industry website SaveMoneyCutCarbon.com; Mike Malina, founder and director of Energy Associates; and Robert Harness, business development manager at ebm-papst.

Harness spoke about how EC fan technology is more efficient than AC technology as well as being quieter and using less energy.

Harness says: “A retrofit upgrade from AC to EC technology can pay dividends for the hospitality sector. Results include energy savings of up to 66%, with other savings to be made possible from speed control, as well as reduction in noise level – hugely important when considering air-con systems in hotel rooms at night.

“You can set the room temperature and EC fans can modulate gently, instead of the occupant having to blast the room with warm then cold air. EC fans are not only less noisy, but they provide better room conditions for guests, too.”

The event was well attended by building services and energy consultants, who discussed how the hospitality sector can address how much energy it uses. Each of the speakers provided information on a range of different approaches to identify how technology is improving, and the benefits that the hospitality sector could reap from such measures like high levels of insulation, LED lighting and EC fans.

It was revealed that the UK hospitality industry spends well over

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