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How much money are you spending on extra car parking spaces?

Businesses are spending millions of pounds every year in leasing and maintenance costs to provide extra parking spaces to staff. With some employees there might be an expectation that parking should be provided. But with space at a premium in cities, on business parks, and even in purpose built sites, companies are feeling the pinch of this extra cost.

One way to combat these extensive, ongoing costs is to set up a bespoke, private sharing scheme for your business. For every person who shares, one car is removed from the road and your staff carpark. This can have a dramatic effect on the demand for parking. Imagine having 100s people sharing, meaning the demand for parking is drastically reduced. This is an achievable reality for large employers.

The savings from a solution like this means companies save millions of pounds. One client, Jaguar Land Rover, saves in excess of £1.5 million annually by reducing the amount of additional parking needed and the associated maintenance costs. Along with this their Liftshare scheme encourages ‘green thinking’ amongst its workforce, reduces levels of single occupancy vehicles on site reducing carbon emissions, pollution and noise and contributes towards environmental and sustainability targets.

An excellent way to prove the viability of a successful car sharing scheme is to undergo a Scoping Smart Mobility exercise with Liftshare. This uses postcode data to map your staff and produces a report of who has what sustainable travel options available to them. It shows clusters of people and demonstrates whether a car sharing scheme would work with the distribution of staff. Get in touch for a demo of how this innovative tool works.

For more information about how Liftshare can help with your sustainable travel visit business.liftshare.com or call 01603 389321.


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