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How promoting mindfulness in the workplace can boost staff productivity and wellbeing

A recent 2018 UK workplace stress survey found that 91% of British workers have experienced stress at work, with one in three affected by it at least once a week. Research has also shown that workers suffering from stress are less engaged and therefore aren’t as productive as they could be.

Organisations, big or small are now learning to talk about mental health, but there isn’t a fool-proof way to introduce “mindfulness at work” or even a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Some organisations have allowed for a quiet space or booth simply allow employees to get away and take some time away from their work space and workload for a short while.

Larger organisations have started to educate senior members within their workforce and have encouraged employees to adopt mindful behaviours, whilst other companies have decided to offer “mindfulness” programs to their entire workforce. It would seem that a workforce that is mindful and compassionate have a positive outlook & seem to be more productive, creative and able to focus on tasks.

Mindfulness should be considered during the initial design stages. Designers need to factor in and ensure they design specific spaces that allow people to connect with one another on a face-to- face basis and not through their gadgets and computers without distractions and interruptions around them.

Steve Bays, Managing Director at Century Office comments, “Wellness in today’s offices is more important than ever. Engagement, motivation and strategy behind the way we address wellbeing issues are the keys to a successful and happy workplace. Wellness and mindfulness can bring a complete lifestyle and behaviour change in an organisation and this change can take time and commitment which we see with a lot of our customers. There are a number of significant benefits of a healthy workforce such as increased productivity, business performance and staff morale. We see also that customers that are heavily focused on to improve their corporate wellness programmes have less accidents and work-related ill health, sick pay costs and pressure on employees covering for those who are absent.” 

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