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How to maintain proper hygiene in a warehouse

For warehouses, regardless of their size or type, maintaining hygienic and clean premises is one of the most challenging tasks. To make it all easier for you, Cleaners London will share with you a few tips on how to maintain a proper hygiene and keep the warehouse free of any waste or debris. So, roll up your sleeves and find out how to make the cleanliness of the warehouse a top priority! Are you ready?

The benefits of a clean and tidy warehouse

Even though keeping the warehouse clean and organised is not an easy task and often requires lots of efforts, it definitely has some benefits for your staff and you.

First things first. Making sure that the working environment is well-organised will oil the wheels for the workers. It will be a lot easier for them to find the tools and supplies they are looking for, for example, which will definitely result in an increased productivity. What is even more, it can boost your staff productivity- if they know how devoted the company is to sparing resources to ensure the safe and clean working environment, they are more likely to pride themselves on their job.

The long and short of it is that keeping the warehouse clean and tidy leads to increased productivity as well as higher workers’ morale. Also, dirty and dusty places can prevent the employees from working at their optimal capacity.

Deep cleaning of the warehouse

One of the main factors which can affect the productivity of the employees is а dirty or dusty premise. Over time, the floors and walls of the warehouse are going to get grimy as well as the equipment. You need to make sure that the warehouse is cleaned on a regular basis. Of course, the duration of the cleaning may vary, depending on the condition of the warehouse and what type of work is performed there.

When you are about to clean the warehouse, you need to spare a few hours to use top of the range cleaning equipment and tools on every inch of the place. If the workers are expected to clean their own sections, you have to create a schedule during a slow period. If you are booking a professional end of tenancy cleaning company, you have to appoint a convenient time (weekend or evening) in order not to miss out productive working hours.

If the staff is going to perform the cleaning, each and every of the individuals should be given a specific area of the warehouse. This exact area will play as their own responsibility. Every worker has to be provided with the right cleaning products and tools in order to apply proper cleaning. If necessary, throw introductory, educational courses to help them develop their skills.

The very first time you are about to do a deep cleaning of the warehouse, have a talk with the employees and note down how long it would take to do the cleaning. This can help you plan the next deep clean. Communication is important in order to improve the cleaning process.

While doing the clean up, you are given the opportunity to remove any waste, debris and clutter that has build up.

Deep cleaning checklist of a warehouse

– Appoint a regular date for each deep cleaning

– Designate each worker a specific area they have to take care of

– Supply each worker with the right cleaning products and tools they need to do a deep cleaning

– Give each worker enough time to do the cleaning

Regular cleaning

Not only is the deep cleaning of a great importance but the regular clean up too. The more regular you clean the warehouse, the more easier it gets every time. Of course, how often this cleaning should be done depends on different factors such as what type of work is performed in the warehouse, how big it is, etc.

Use the right cleaning equipment

If you are dedicated to keeping the warehouse clean and organised, it is of a great importance to provide the workers with all of the supplies they need to get the cleaning done in an efficient manner. Each worker should be supplied with detergents, mops, broom, paper towels and so on. If the worker has access to these, it is more likely to clean any specks of grime or bits of dust the moment they appear.

To maintain the proper hygiene in the warehouse, you should also ensure that there are enough bins. This way, the workers will feel encouraged to dispose any debris instead of leaving them to collect.

Make sure that you are investing in an advanced cleaning equipment so that you can be sure that the cleaning is done in as efficient manner as possible.

The cleanliness of the warehouse can make a difference when it comes to increasing the productivity of the workers but you cannot maintain the levels of cleanliness if the workers are not involved. If you want them to help you maintain a tidy and organised working environment, it is important that you talk over the benefits together.


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