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JLL banks HSBC contract in ‘largest’ global outsourced FM deal

HSBC Branch Finchley Road, CC credit Elliot Brown

HSBC has appointed Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) as its sole global outsourcing provider of integrated facility management services across its 58 million-square-foot real estate portfolio in what is believed to be the largest facility management contract awarded to a single provider on a global basis by a financial services firm.

HSBC’s decision to outsource facility management services worldwide is designed to increase operational efficiency and consistency across its 11,000-site portfolio throughout North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Jones Lang LaSalle has been a real estate advisor to HSBC in North America since 1998. The contract adds more than 42 million square feet of real estate worldwide to Jones Lang LaSalle’s responsibilities, and renews existing facility management services in North America, China, Thailand, Mexico and Panama. Jones Lang LaSalle also acts as one of HSBC’s regional transaction partners, serving its Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East-North Africa regions.

Jones Lang LaSalle has formed an integrated global account team of experts led by Bill Thummel, along with Global Managing Director Chris Kiernan and Global Director of Operations Ian King, to serve the expanded global account responsibilities for HSBC.

“Our global team is focused on improving the productivity of HSBC’s real estate through operational efficiency across its global workplaces,” said Colin Dyer, president and CEO, Jones Lang LaSalle.

“As companies demand more consistency and control over their real estate facilities, they increasingly look for a single provider that can deliver on a global basis,” said Jordi Martin, managing director of integrated facilities management at Jones Lang LaSalle. “Being entrusted by HSBC to manage its facilities worldwide shows that this can be achieved and it is a reflection of our continued investment in building a world-class global facility management platform.”

“As real estate is typically the third largest operating cost for companies, our ability to deliver more efficient real estate operations will benefit HSBC’s overall productivity and business performance,” said Bill Thummel, Jones Lang LaSalle’s managing director, global accounts.

Tod Lickerman, CEO of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Americas Corporate Solutions business, added: “This contract will deliver consistency throughout HSBC’s locations in the Americas and around the globe.”



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