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In Depth helps historic Liverpool sparkle

In Depth Managed Services, one of Britain’s foremost cleaning companies, has secured the window cleaning and industrial cleaning contract with Liverpool City Council to keep two key historic Liverpool buildings sparkling clean for the thousands of visitors they draw each year.

St George’s Hall and the Town Hall are icons of the city, and need to look their best to uphold Liverpool city centre’s reputation as a fine heritage attraction. The exterior of each building will take nearly a full day to complete, with three men working on St George’s Hall and two on the Town Hall.

St George’s Hall, a Grade I listed building, which is 169ft long and 74ft wide, is one of the finest neo-classical buildings in the world. Its tunnel-vaulted ceiling is the largest of its kind in Europe. The first foundation block of the hall was laid in 1838, and after it opened 16 years later, it was a multipurpose community building. It hosted concerts and balls, and doubled up as a courthouse. Today the hall is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, is home to the city’s Register office and is used for a wide variety of events and concerts.

Liverpool Town Hall was designed by a famous architect, John Wood from Bristol, and was opened in 1754. In 1795 fire destroyed much of the building, but restoration work began almost immediately, under the supervision of James Wyatt, a London architect. The rebuilding took 15 years to complete, and the result is the basis of the town hall as it stands today. The council chamber and ballroom were damaged in the 1941 Blitz, and again the building underwent repairs.

Gary Johns, Head of In Depth’s window cleaning division, said: “We are really pleased that Liverpool City Council chose In Depth Managed Services to provide window cleaning services to the two sites. Both are fantastic buildings, and are well known, not just in Liverpool but worldwide.

“Over the coming years In Depth will provide a number of services to the sites, from window cleaning to industrial jet washing, which will keep the buildings looking in a pristine condition for the many thousands of visitors who attend the sites each year.”

A water-fed pole system will be used to clean the Town Hall, while St George’s Hall will require a powered access platform – a type of extending cradle to manoeuvre cleaners along the high exterior.

Extra special care will be taken over cleaning the windows, especially in the Town Hall, which has two stained-glass domes. “Great care has to be taken because they couldn’t be replaced easily and it would be expensive to do so,” he added.

In Depth Managed Services will service the site from its head office location in Warrington, and will be using local employees to clean both sites.

For more information please visit: www.indepth-cleaning.co.uk or tel: 0845 6502251

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