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Incentive partners with Pearlstone Energy

Incentive Carbon Management (ICM), part of facilities management business Incentive FM Group, has partnered with UK demand response aggregators, Pearlstone Energy, as part of its commitment to bringing innovation and new ideas to its customers.

As businesses become more aware of the benefits of introducing flexibility into the way they use electricity, ICM says the opportunities that the demand response market offers are increasing in appeal.

Working together, the companies will design and implement a range of demand response services for ICM customers, delivering valuable insight, cost savings and new revenue streams.

These solutions will be designed to enable ICM’s clients to be carbon neutral and enjoy real-time energy visualisation across their facilities. Other potential benefits include zero client investment, reduced energy consumption and up to £50k/MW per annum payment for Maximum Demand Reductions. ADR technology will manage clients’ electricity demand and thereby significantly reduce their energy bills and potentially reduce their network demand charges.

For many clients this will create a new revenue stream by enabling them to sell the energy they do not need at certain times, for short periods and which they currently are unable to sell on their own.

Over a five-year contract period, on current estimates, the three clients that ICM currently has under review will have over £1,000,000 of electricity costs reduced.

Bill Pollard, group services director at Incentive FM Group, said:

“We see demand response as a valuable and positive development for our customers but it is also an important one for us as a business. As well as being an important stakeholder for future sustainable development, and helping National Grid to provide equilibrium and the much needed capacity at times of “system distress”, it enables us to differentiate our service offering and helps us secure long term profitable relationships.”

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