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Innovations make vacuuming easier and more efficient

The VTVe is a perfect partner for contract cleaners

Launched at the Cleaning Show in March, the VTVe delivers great performance with an A energy rating.

Light and highly manoeuvrable, this compact tub vacuum has a small footprint and weighs just 6kg. So transporting the machine between cleaning jobs or parts of a building is easy.

It comes with 32mm-diameter toolset – so is compatible with standard consumables.

A cable wrap at the top of the machine, with the added protection of a hinged cover that clips in place, prevents tangling and keeps the cable out of harm’s way.

Replacement of a worn or damaged cord is straightforward, thanks to the VTVe’s easy-change cord system. The process – which is tool-less – is designed to obviate the need for any service engineer call-out charge. All that’s required is a coin to release the retaining screws, before pulling out and then replacing the cord.

The machine is powered by an 800W motor, and has an 11.5 litre capacity for high productivity of some 230 square metres per hour.

Any advanced vacuum must also safeguard indoor air quality. The VTVe has three-stage filtration. A HEPA 13 filter and fleece bag captures all particles of 0.3 microns and larger. The bag also has a closing feature to prevent dust particles from escaping while it being replaced.

Both its crevice tool and dusting brush are stored conveniently at the back of the machine, while a wand holder facilitates tidy storage. Similar attention to detail has been paid in the design of the vacuum’s carry handle. It’s moulded to accommodate the VTVe’s wand, which sits atop the handle, so the machine can easily be carried in one hand.

This tub vac has been designed to meet the 2017 eco regulations while also delivering reliably high performance. The VTVe is simple to operate, as our VTVe How to… video demonstrates, walking your staff through the steps to effective and safe vacuuming of hard and soft flooring.

For more information call 023 8070 6600, email sales@truvox.com or visit www.truvox.com


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