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Innovative new racking solutions for timber framed buildings

Industry leader, Simpson Strong-Tie, has launched two innovative new products, called Strong-Portal™ and Steel Strong-Wall ®, which help to improve racking resistance in timber framed buildings.

Typically, a timber frame building is subjected to wind loads which could result in racking, overturning and sliding forces being exerted against it. Launched at the Timber Expo in September, the Strong-Portal™ and Steel Strong-Wall ® have been developed to provide improved resistance to racking forces and to help overcome the design challenges associated with timber frames.

Jon Head, Head of the Engineered Timber Division at Simpson Strong-Tie, said: “”Racking” occurs when a timber frame building is subjected to a high wind load, causing it to lean sideways. Buildings with large openings and limited wall areas are more susceptible, but these new products allow designers to incorporate large openings into timber frame structures, without having to use steel frames.”

The Strong-Portal™ can be installed around openings such as garages, patio doors and bay windows, in external walls with a minimum thickness of 149mm. It is easily integrated into existing timber frame designs by securing it directly to the foundation and adjacent timber frame with the fixings and adhesives provided, without the need for additional framework. Comprising mainly of timber and OSB, this is a sustainable product with pre-insulated columns, which can be installed without the need for mechanical handling equipment or the need for special tools.

The Steel Strong-Wall™ is a corrugated steel panel designed to give significantly higher racking resistance where only small sections of wall are available. Suitable for internal and external walls of 89mm or 140mm, it can be fixed directly to the concrete foundations of the building via a bolted connection.
To find out more about the new racking solutions, please visit www.strongtie.co.uk or telephone 01827 255600.



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