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Innovative, sustainable tech software comes to the UK: Introducing Infraspeak

Infraspeak, a powerful and multi-award winning platform offering fully customisable,sustainable technology for the hospitality industry, has launched in the UK this year. New to the UK but certainly not to the industry, Infraspeak currently supports 180 customers in seven countries,counting brands such as Six Senses, InterContinental and Sheraton Hotels as clients. Managing 18,000 buildings, this innovative brand’s goal is to streamline facilities management for the UK hospitality industry through dedicated customer service and easy to use desktop and mobile interfaces.

Infraspeak heralds a new age in facility management. Founded by Felipe Ávila da Costa and Luís Martins in Portugal 4 years ago they have developed a modular platform that automates, and simplifies the process of facilities management. The platform uses innovative technologies such as NFC, APIs, apps and sensors, bringing benefits such as time saving for both management and technicians and cost saving with sustainable benefits including less stress, less paper and lower costs.

As a modular and flexible management software, Infraspeak allows customers to build their own solution. This diverse technology can manage technical operations: from maintenance to quality audits, stock, purchases, housekeeping, inventory, and more in a simple and efficient easy to manage system which can be used across departments.

Felipe Ávila da Costa, CEO of Infraspeak adds: “We are proud to work with high profile, time poor clients from all over the world and make their work and lives significantly easier with our software. Our aim is to modernise a predominantly paper-based industry and offer our clients flexible software that is bespoke to their needs. Launching Infraspeak in the UK and getting to know more about the routine operations in the UK, is an excellent opportunity to improve our platform and an important step to grow in more markets. We are only looking to expand further and develop our client portfolio across the globe.”

How is it sustainable?
80% of hotel administration is largely paper-based and excel is most commonly used to run all hospitality maintenance. Infraspeak completely removes the need for paper as all facilities management can be logged and traced to completion through the software. In addition, Infraspeak’s intelligent software uses data to start to predict problems in advance, rather than simply reacting to issues when they arise. This predictive approach to maintenance means Infraspeak saves time, money and resources with a sustainable and efficient approach.

Case study: InterContinental Palacio das Cardosas, Portugal
InterContinental Palacio das Cardosas was inaugurated in 2011 in the heart of Porto’s most notable regions. Before working with Infraspeak, the hotel’s solution to manage maintenance interventions was a combination of Microsoft Excel and phone calls which generated a lot of bureaucracy as well as an excessive workload and a superfluous amount of paper.

Since installing Infraspeak and thanks to Infraspeak Direct (Infraspeak’s failure reporting interface) the maintenance manager is experiencing reduced work interruptions and miscommunications between teams, thus no longer compromising the manager’s time, both on and off work hours. Information is easier to access with all the information needed to manage the hotel’s facilities on a laptop or smartphone. The manager is also able to easily check maintenance indicators in real time and compare what they are spending in preventive and corrective interventions, as well as the time taken by technicians to execute their tasks. Furthermore, the NFC tags installed in rooms, common areas and equipment allow the manager to know exactly what time a technician has started and finished their work, as well as the result of any measurements performed to the equipment and other details. All these data are automatically shaped into visual charts in the reports, which help analyse the maintenance efficiency.

This information allows the maintenance manager to answer the questions from the Board about guest complaints as well as cost reduction indicators, and the ROI of investments in maintenance.

Filipe Soares, Maintenance Manager at InterContinental Palacio das Cardosas, comments on the partnership: “For me, one of Infraspeak’s main advantages is that it allows me to display everything I need to know in one single platform. In addition, I now receive only 10 maintenance calls per day instead of 40 and 70% of failures in Infraspeak Direct are reported by the housekeeping team.”

For more information visit home.infraspeak.com or www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk3b-UIZBzY


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