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Instarmac can manufacture & schedule order deliveries within just a few hours

Instarmac group has been ISO accredited for over a decade. This is a significant achievement for any business, especially a UK privately-owned manufacturer. With many similar companies following suit, Instarmac has recently been audited as part of their ongoing commitment to lean efficiency and business management, and have received a positive report worthy of their 30+ years.

They are one of few companies in their sector who boast ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditations.

A recent audit confirmed that the company has maintained a high standard of management systems and processes, ensuring they effectively meet their objectives and always work towards continual improvement. This is certainly testament to a company who is always seeking ways to innovate and provide real solutions to today’s maintenance issues.

The audit report highlighted some outstanding statistics for the company, which should be seen as providing real benefits for their customers and business partners. Investment in recent years in the implementation of Kaizen methods has proven fruitful, with the efficiency and cleanliness of production areas and techniques shown to be almost not reminiscent of a production facility that produces bitumen and cement based materials. This was noted alongside the ability of Instarmac “to manufacture and schedule a delivery within just a few hours.”

Also highlighted was the transport and logistics side of the business, quoted as being “outstandingly well managed”. The audit remarked that the co-ordination of customer requirements to ensure they are on time and in full is “managed in the most economical and practical manner possible”. These notes are more than proof that Instarmac’s investments in their customer service and order processes are certainly paying off, with customers reaping the benefits of such high-class service. Instarmac have their own 23-strong fleet. They have developed their own in-house logistics management system, meaning they can tell customers where their deliveries are in real time.

Recently added is a text update service and email order confirmations – innovative customer service benefits from a local manufacturing business.

Finally, of note was the fact that Instarmac’s fleet was aptly ‘Celebrating Successful British Manufacturing’ with union jack artwork on vehicles and pallets – a personal sentiment from an award winning personal business, now officially one of the 2012 ‘Great Places to Work

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