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Intelligent Facility Solutions is helping businesses to focus on sustainability, the environment, cost reduction and minimising waste

Intelligent Facility Solutions Ltd is a full-service provider of products that improve sustainability, reduce waste and lower costs within commercial buildings. Its current portfolio comprises electric hand dryers, sensor-operated taps and voltage optimisers, supplied directly or through contractors and wholesalers. In addition, the company offers full service installation and maintenance through its own team.

We believe that with all long-term gain, short term financial pain ‘eco’ solutions it is important to work with the client to understand which product represent best value and how contracts/payments can be set out to ensure there is at least an instant small win, followed by long term significant wins. Too often in the past clients make short term decisions due to budget constraints or access to funding for ‘green’ projects being too time consuming. We make things easy by creating flexible contracts tailored to the individual client rather than proposing rigid contract terms as the traditional market players do. Nothing is off the table with us whether that be outright purchase, rental, finance, full installation or supply only.

We are often contacted by the facilities and buildings managers who wish to understand how much energy and cost can be saved annually and over a products lifespan. This helps clients to understand the return on investment and see what level of purchase makes financial sense. Without a clear understanding of the facilities that products are going into, poor long-term financial decisions are often made, either the product does not have a sufficient lifespan to cope or user feedback is poor. We are happy to conduct on-site testing and demonstration of the products until the right solution is identified.

Our end user clients include Oxford, Cambridge and Durham University, The London stock exchange, Natwest, Santander, KFC, Harry Ramsdens, The BBC, B & Q just to name a few and all major electrical wholesalers supply our products.

The Youth Hostelling Association is one client that demonstrates our in-house capability. With over 100 sites across the UK, mainly in remote locations and highly sensitive listed buildings, including a 900-year old Castle, we have carried out very sensitive installations to the highest standard. We created a package which despite the complexity and cost of the installs was still financially viable for them in the short and long term will generate huge savings and waste reduction for them.

Whoever you are we can assist you to identify long term, positive environmental solutions that deliver real value for your organisation.

For more information visit www.intelligenthanddryers.com, email sales@ihdryers.co.uk or call 0333 696 1258.


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