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Introducing Yo-Yo Desk X | Budget priced Standing Desks from £199.95

Sit-Stand.Com, Britain’s #1 exclusive supplier of standing desks is launching Yo-Yo Desk X , standing desk at an unbeatable price of £199.95 (including VAT & Shipping).

“This is a game changer” according to Rik Mistry – head of UK Sales at Sit-Stand.Com. “It has always been our mission to make standing at work as affordable and healthy as possible for all employers and employees. Cost should never be the reason not to have a standing desk.”

Yo-Yo Desk X has a lighter frame and slimmer tabletop to Sit-Stand.Com’s best-selling Yo-Yo Desk CLASSIC standing desk. Yo-Yo Desk X incorporates a unique single gas spring – for smooth up/down movement to 30 adjustable heights making it the ideal solution for users below 5′ 8” tall.

Sit-Stand.Com is offering a 10% pre-order discount until October 15th. Get moving!

For more information: www.sit-stand.com Email sales@sit-stand.com Tel: 0333 2200 375


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