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Is it time to implement ‘Lean’ Practices?

As businesses we are always striving to make improvements where we can, whether it be to increase customer satisfaction, boost profits or increase staff efficiency. Implementing ‘Lean management’ into your working environment can help do just that.

The foundation of lean management is finding and eliminating waste without compromising on productivity. An acronym that is often used to help identify types of “Waste” is DOWNTIME, which stands for:

Not utilising talent
Inventory excess
Motion waste
Excess processing

DURABLE recognises that inefficiency can often be a company’s biggest downfall. Inefficiencies within the workplace can cost a business money, which means the price of the products being produced will undoubtedly rise leaving customers unhappy.

DURABLE has been practicing Lean management since 2010, using their own products to improve lead times, inventory and setup times. Now DURABLE has increased its range to help make the change to ‘Lean’ as simple as possible.

An extensive range of floor and safety markings as well as safety signage and labelling systems can help any business become more streamlined and efficient without compromising on employee safety.

To find out more about DURABLES top tips to help you make the switch to Lean visit the Durable Hub or view DURABLE’s full range of warehouse solutions


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