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ISS enters into five-year Nordic vested partnership

ISS in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway has entered into a five-year Vested partnership with a major global professional services firm.

The Vested partnership will be the first that spans across all Nordic countries and the fourth Vested partnership for ISS globally.

Vested partnerships are flexible outcome-based partnerships designed to deliver on the parties’ mutually developed vision and desired outcomes. This partnership aims at jointly building the greatest workplace experience for the firm across the Nordics.

ISS currently has an ongoing agreement with the customer in Denmark. This will now be expanded to a Vested partnership, also covering Norway, Sweden and Finland, where ISS will provide integrated facility services across approximately 90 Nordic offices.

Jacob Götzsche, CEO, ISS Europe, said: “We are proud to have entered into another Vested partnership with a major global customer. Vested partnerships are beneficial to both parties as there is greater collaboration when we work towards common goals. We have had a fantastic relationship with the customer in Denmark and the expansion across the Nordics is a proof of the effectiveness of these kinds of partnerships. We look forward to continue delivering great workplace experiences and workplace advisory to our customer.”

The Vested contract will go live across the Nordics on 1 October 2019.

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