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ISS Food Services launches Winter Wellness plan

The Food Services arm of ISS’ UK business has published its renewed health and wellbeing strategy, created to support its customers in workplace, education and healthcare retail environments in staying well this winter and into the new year.

The plan, which focuses on supporting physical, mental and emotional wellness, is designed to provide both adults and young people with health and lifestyle nudges and guidance, as part of a holistic approach to wellbeing.

ISS has built its approach upon three pillars – ‘Eat Right’, ‘Live Well’ and ‘Go Green’ – each of which is supported by a bold pledge and series of commitments.

Eat Right pledges to help customers make the healthiest choice the easiest choice through actions such as increasing the availability of healthier foods and drinks on offer, reducing fat, salt and sugar, serving more fruits and vegetables and providing clear nutritional information.

Live Well commits to providing education, motivation and activities to help customers lead healthier lifestyles. Actions include providing free hydration stations at every site to promote water consumption, increasing promotions on healthier products and providing a calendar of educational and engagement activity, which encompasses cooking, growing and exercise.

Go Green promises to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all – caring for people, places and the planet. ISS is doing more to support clients with recycling, reducing the volume of consumables it procures and exploring food redistribution initiatives. Additionally, Go Green aims to help customers make informed, eco-conscious food choices through championing plant-based dishes and using local and British supply chains to help reduce food miles and support the UK economy.

Many of the endeavours described in the strategy are well underway; ISS has reviewed and evolved its existing plans to address current public health challenges and align with broader campaigns; these include the Government’s Obesity Plan, National Food Strategy and the newly released salt and calorie reduction targets.

Linda Cregan, Health & Wellbeing Lead for ISS Food Services UK saidOur role in food services has never been more important in promoting holistic wellbeing – whether we are supporting businesses to achieve their goals, providing learners with vital nourishment to fuel bodies and minds, or powering medical professionals and aiding patient recovery – we have a huge responsibility to help all our customers choose a healthy, nutritious and sustainable diet, and have access to the guidance they need to be better informed.

“Through sharpening our focus and realigning our aims, as set out in our new wellbeing approach, we hope to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of our customers and help them stay fit and well.”

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