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ISS UK banks Vanquis catering services contract

ISS UK has been selected to provide catering, vending and hospitality services to Vanquis Bank, at their main call centre office in Chatham, on a four year contract.

Further to the award, ISS have implemented a commercial style Deli that focuses on innovative hot and cold food, complimented by a coffee boutique to meet the demand of the employees. With 400 call centre staff working to structured break patterns, it was key for ISS to focus on a fast, fresh and healthy approach when delivering catering services.

Andy Chappell, managing director, ISS Facility Services Food and Hospitality UK commented:

“It has been a pleasure working with the team at Vanquis Bank to create a new catering facility for its employees. The teams dedication to providing quality and value for money for their staff has been a great challenge to take on. Through our personalisation philosophy, we think the results are going to be a success for Vanquis Bank. With sales predicted to reach great levels, it should be an exciting year for the Vanquis team.”

Vanquis were particularly interested in taking advantage of the hot food concepts that have proved a huge success in a compact food preparation area.

Ameera Mian, Vanquis Bank commented:

“ISS stood out the most for knowing its customers; this is a big strength of ISS. Their many years of experience have provided ISS with the knowledge to understand the customer and to fulfil their needs. This was demonstrated throughout the whole process from tender to mobilisation.”

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