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ISS UK raises £190,000 for clean water and sanitation projects

ISS UK has reached a new milestone of raising over £190,000 by selling One bottled water and drinks at its customer sites around the country.

Together, One Water and ISS UK will have improved the lives of over 12,000 people through clean water and sanitation projects in Africa.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on workplaces, 2020 proved to be one of the most successful years of the relationship to date with over £50,000 being raised from sales largely in the ISS Healthcare sector.

Profits from the sale of One Water are donated to the foundation created by its founder, Duncan Goose, which has been active in supporting communities with programmes specifically geared to the prevention of Covid-19 transmission through good hygiene practices.

Goose, said, “ISS has always been a champion of our work, so it’s been especially rewarding to see the foundation funding Covid-19 based water and hygiene programmes in Africa this year.”

ISS has also been working with One Water to reduce the carbon and single-use plastics footprint of the drinks products sold on customer sites. In 2021, One Water will launch a new range of ‘eco’ water options, including water in cans and pre-filled and refillable 100 per cent recycled aluminium bottles.

Cans and aluminium bottles offer clear environmental benefits in relation to plastic bottles. They are made from over 68 per cent and 100 per cent recycled material respectively.  All formats are 100 per cent recyclable in the UK.

Ali Hulley, Head of Retail and Marketing ISS Food Services commented: “The market for on-the-go water is enormous and we have a responsibility to evolve if we are to tackle serious environmental challenges. Until now, consumers have been faced with a severe lack of convenient alternatives as well as confusion over what and how packs can be recycled. Whilst there is no perfect packaging solution, we’re pleased to be offering new options and new choices for our customers who are the first to adopt these formats.”

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