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Document management issues facing facilities managers today

The role of a Facilities Manager is integral to the smooth operation of many businesses. Often this position is the first and last in the chain of command which relates to document handling and document storage.

The secure storage of documents is always of paramount importance but this is particularly true when the documents are contracts of employment, health and safety procedures, security information and records of procurement practices.
Knowing which documents have to be stored securely is only half the battle, finding an appropriate space in which to keep them is of equal significance.

Wincanton Records Management’s (WRM) expertise lies in bespoke records management. They can tailor their service to fit your business needs and offer you an affordable, reliable means of storing your most confidential, business critical, information.

As one of the tasks of a facility manager is to ensure the office/facility is space efficient, the idea that premium work space is being used simply for storage is not something that many managers are able to entertain. In instances when space is extremely limited, a secure and cost effective alternative arrangement must be made.

At WRM all documents are stored securely, with full protection from flood and fire risk and of course, unwanted intruders.

If accessing your documents quickly is a concern, WRM also offers a scan on demand service, meaning that all hard copy documents can be scanned and converted into electronic format for your ongoing use. This process not only simplifies your storage issues but also allows you a more time efficient method of searching for your important documents.

With services ranging from records management and data protection to confidential shredding and file tracking, WRM can offer a storage package suited to all facility managers. Along with the obvious benefits of freeing up optimum space in your office, using an outsourced organisation such as WRM means that any time and resources previously allocated for the effective and safe management of your records can then be applied to other areas of the business.

For more information on all the services offered by Wincanton Records Management, please visit www.wincantonrm.co.uk or call 0870 90 88 000.



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