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JCC revolutionise energy savings with their new industrial lighting range

JCC are proud to announce the introduction of Toughbay, a comprehensive range of industrial LED lighting solutions that provide 50% energy savings across the range and deliver enhanced benefits from the very latest in cutting-edge LED chip technology.

The Toughbay range consists of high bay and low bay variants in both circular and linear styles to replace traditional metal halide and fluorescent lamp technologies. Ranging from 7,500 lumens to 23,700 lumens, the range has been developed to provide solutions for all requirements and mounting heights within industrial lighting applications.

Industrial lighting fixtures are often positioned at inaccessible heights that require the use of a cherry picker and operator to resolve lamp failures. The replacement of traditional lamps can pose a significant cost and disruption to businesses. This also has a negative effect on productivity due to extensive downtime during the replacement period.

Toughbay’s ultra durable IK10 construction, IP65 rating and intelligent thermal management ensures a reliable, long lifespan that eliminates the high maintenance costs associated with HID and fluorescent lighting.

Toughbay products use an innovative design that uses the heat sink as the main body of the fitting. This provides maximum heat dissipation ensuring reliability and reduces the adverse effect on ambient temperature that lighting can have within industrial lighting applications.

Toughbay products provide extended LED life of 50,000hours to L70. This can be up to twice the lifetime achieved by HID metal halide fittings and four times greater than fluorescent.

To accompany the introduction of Toughbay, JCC in partnership with their parent company Leviton, are launching a multi-function sensor that allows users to achieve up to 75% energy savings from traditional fixtures. The innovative sensor is suitable for microwave on/off and step dimming functions and can be strategically positioned directly to individual fittings or remotely as is required. This reduces the need for additional sensor costs and provides the flexibility to achieve maximum savings.

To read more about the full range of Toughbay industrial LED lighting solutions and the Leviton multi-function sensor go to JCC.co.uk


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