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AquaMist AM34 nozzle

Johnson Controls expands AquaMist ULF low-pressure nozzle offerings

Three new ultra-low flow VdS-approved water mist nozzles help protect people and property against a wide range of fire risks

Johnson Controls has broadened its AquaMist product line to include three ultra-low flow (ULF) VdS-approved fire suppression nozzles. Each nozzle is designed to help control fire and protect valuable assets in public buildings and accommodation spaces.

VdS, one of Germany’s leading independent testing institutions for fire protection and security, recognised globally, has been driving safety and trust in the fields of fire protection and security for decades. With this certification, Johnson Controls can offer customers fire control solutions tested and approved by VdS laboratories.

“As a building solutions company, Johnson Controls is committed to offering a comprehensive line of world-class fire protection products,” said Marcel Linden, business development manager for Water Mist, Europe and Africa, Johnson Controls. “Our expanded AquaMist nozzles are now VdS-approved low-pressure water mist nozzles that fully comply with current VdS test protocol to help control fires while minimising damage to buildings and assets.”

AM 28 nozzle

Benefits of a low-pressure water mist system include reduced water demand and the ability to use smaller diameter pipes, which translates into lower installation costs compared to traditional fire protection systems. Since the system uses only potable water without additives, it has no adverse environmental impact.

New to the line is the AquaMist ULF AM34 Horizontal Sidewall Nozzle, approved according to the latest VdS accommodation test protocol intended to help control Class A fires. In addition to the AquaMist ULF AM34 Sidewall Nozzle, Johnson Controls also received VdS approval on the AquaMist ULF AM28 Pendent Nozzle. The AM28 and AM34 can be used to protect accommodation spaces like hotels, hospitals, care homes and residential areas.

The ULF AM28 Nozzle is also approved according to the latest VdS office spaces test protocol. It is designed to help control Class A fires in public buildings such as offices, banks, schools, churches and restaurants.

AM30 68C nozzle

For Class A fire control in spaces with false floors and ceilings, the AquaMist ULF AM30 Nozzle offers the ideal solution. The AM30 is VdS-approved for these applications when paired with an AquaMist system.

These closed (automatic) nozzles are intended for use with engineered water mist systems. Unlike high-pressure nozzles, the low-pressure nozzles use a single fluid jet impinging on a diffuser to produce a fine mist with a range of water droplet sizes.

For more information on Johnson Controls AquaMist fire suppression solutions for public buildings and accommodation spaces, go to tycoaquamist.com/ULF.

For more information, please visit http://www.johnsoncontrols.com/.


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