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The new TYCO® DV-5A deluge valve from Johnson Controls offers a higher pressure rating and lower pressure drop, delivering added power and efficiency

Johnson Controls launches TYCO DV-5A deluge valve that offers advanced, streamlined features

Higher pressure rating and lower pressure drop deliver added power and efficiency

The new TYCO DV-5A deluge valve from Johnson Controls offers improvements on the DV-5 valve while keeping the original key features valued by customers. The DV-5A deluge valve has a higher pressure rating of up to 300 psi and lower pressure drop, allowing water to travel further at specified system pressure.

The new model features a reduced footprint, thanks to a compact trim package that helps make it easier to install and maintain. The DV-5A also includes an integrated alarm port that eliminates a check valve in pre-action systems.

“We updated the DV-5 to give our customers higher performance and flexibility,” said Gijsbert van Rooijen, Global Product Manager, Johnson Controls. “The enhancements to the new model will boost its overall effectiveness, while making it easier to install, operate and maintain.”

The DV-5A maintains many desirable features of the DV-5, including the single moving part diaphragm design for easier maintenance and operation, as well as an external reset, which reduces the number of steps to bring the valve back in operation after activation. The DV-5A comes with a corrosion-resistant epoxy coating ideal for harsh environments, such as industrial processing plants and outdoor installations.

Other features include:

* Easy access to technical information

* Pre-trimmed models available for both deluge and pre-action systems

* Includes next generation BFV-300 butterfly valve with tapping boss (standard in the Americas, available globally)

To learn more about the DV-5A deluge valve, visit www.tyco-fire.com/DV5A.


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