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Keep your assets and employees safe

According to the 2016 ACFE Report to the Nations, organisations worldwide lose an estimated 5% of their annual revenue due to fraud. Fraud takes many shapes and forms, among them corporate fraud and identity theft. Whatever business you’re in, it’s important to have a security system in place that will work to keep your assets and employees safe.

DURABLE are the leading provider of security name badges and offer a complete solution for the design, printing and protection of ID cards and name badges, saving both time and money.

Solutions for staff and visitors
Working in a demanding business, the last thing you want to be worried about is unauthorised access on your premises. If your business requires staff and visitors to wear ID cards and name badges, they should be robust and long-lasting. The DURACARD ID 300 printer offers a quick and cost-effective solution for printing plastic cards, for individual visitors or in larger quantities.

Badges can be designed with DURAPRINT, a free and easy-to-use online programme that boasts many intuitive features, mirroring the functionality of common programmes such as MS Word and well-known design software. DURAPRINT supports all image formats, the integration of barcodes and QR codes, plus the database function takes the hassle out of producing multiple labels individually.

Company visitors are often present for a short time and its important that they are easily identifiable by staff. A fast and flexible solution is to use BADGEMAKER inserts; a microperforated sheet of badge inserts that can be quickly fed through a printer, detached and inserted into badges.

Safe and simple
Designing name badges or ID cards doesn’t have to be daunting task. DURAPRINT® is compatible with all standard browsers and ready to use, even on tablets. Registered users can easily save their own projects and templates online so data can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

See DURAPRINT in action, visit www.duraprint-uk.com


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