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Keraflo sets to impress

Leading delayed action float valve manufacturer, Keraflo is set to impress visitors at this year’s Health Estates Conference and Exhibition where it will be showcasing its WRAS-approved range. Visitors to stand B14 can also witness demonstrations of Keraflo’s revolutionary Tanktronic cold water tank management system.

For healthcare estates managers, FMs and building services engineers, Keraflo’s products provide accurate and environmentally efficient water storage and tank control, helping to support best practice and water compliance.

Keraflo’s delayed action float valves represent the optimum specification choice for washrooms in healthcare environments. Installers and managers of cold water storage systems can benefit from a swift open and close functionality where there is no run-on, no dribble and therefore no water wastage. As a result it is simple to ensure maximum water tank capacity at all times. Filling the tank at full bore means that water turnover is achieved, keeping stored water healthy and maintaining an uninviting habitat that reduces the risk of potential bacterial growth.

Water hammer, a common problem in older buildings, is eradicated with the use of a delayed action float valve, thanks to the smooth opening and closing mechanism and this in turn drives efficiency in the system, preventing wear on the pump head too.

“It is vital for those in the healthcare environment to efficiently manage resources, not only in the form of energy but also water that is stored and used within the building,” says Neil Weston, Keraflo Sales Manager, “Taking a best practice approach to water storage is a matter of compliance as well as efficiency though – without the proper management involving regular monitoring of volume, pressure and temperature, stored water provides a breeding ground for bacteria like Legionella. Therefore accuracy and reliability in the systems and methods used is crucial to the health estates manager.”

Recognising that accessibility to tank information is key for those responsible for water storage and tank maintenance, Keraflo will be showcasing Tanktronic at the Heath Estates Conference too. It will demonstrate how simple to manage, user-friendly, quick to install and cost-effective cold water tank monitoring can be.

Tanktronic is an integrated electronic solution for water storage tank monitoring and management. Comprising of a sensor and wall-mounted electronic user interface, it can be used to gain very accurate digital readings of water levels, tank volume and temperature, and also be used to manage and control tank filling.

For the health estates manager Keraflo means an end to accessing the water tank in order to take readings – doing away with the time and effort involved. It also removes the risk of human error, providing a user-friendly, slick and reliable measurement and monitoring tool.

With over 25 years of water management technology innovation, Keraflo is the reliable and trusted partner when it comes to accuracy and efficient control.
“In the healthcare environment there is no compromise,” attests Neil Weston, “Therefore having a full and clear understanding of maximum water storage capacity helps healthcare estates managers to optimise the management of their buildings effectively,” he said.

For more information on Keraflo’s range of valves and Tanktronic, visit www.keraflo.co.uk  tel: +44 (0)118 921 9920







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