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Kirona helps Clearwater to increase productivity by 15%

Clearwater Group PLC provides products and services relating to water hygiene and treatment, engineering, pump services, consultancy and air hygiene. The purpose of which is to enable Clearwater’s customers to meet health and safety, environmental and legislative concerns whilst maintaining asset reliability and compliance.

The Challenge
Clearwater’s continued success meant that it soon began to outgrow its existing working processes and needed to adopt a strategy for managing its workload more efficiently. In an average month Clearwater was carrying out around 11,000 jobs, leading to 30,000 written reports created in the field, using around 50,000 pieces of paper. Not only was there a delay with paperwork being passed between the office and field workers, but this paperwork also needed to be re-keyed into an office system; creating significant amounts of admin work. And of course, some paperwork could inevitably be misplaced; creating problems for an organisation that is undertaking critical safety compliance work.

Clearwater’s goals were to reduce the inefficiencies within its processes, allowing it to carry out increased workloads with its existing workforce. As well as improve the audit trail and speed of reporting for its end-to-end process.

The Solution
To overcome these challenges Clearwater decided that it required a mobile application for the field based workforce, which would allow it to transition from paper to an electronic way of working. As Geoff Griffith, IT Manager at Clearwater comments; “We had our core Causeway office IT system customised to comprehensively manage our business processes, but it was limited to inside our office walls and didn’t have an efficient workflow for our field engineers. We came to the realisation that we needed a software system to manage the field based processes and crucially, it had to be able to integrate with Causeway, for a seamless interaction between the office and field staff.”

The Process
Field based engineers are now equipped with mobile devices, and from these they now sign onto Kirona’s Job Manager mobile application in order to download their allocated work; giving them comprehensive details of where they need to go, what they need to do, and what information they need to capture during their visit to site.

One of the crucial aspects of why Kirona’s Job Manager product was chosen is due to its flexibility. As Geoff explains; “Often we don’t know the full extent of the problem until an engineer arrives on site. What might have been intended to be a 15 minute visit may take several days. Job Manager’s scheduler can allow staff to run over.”

The Outcome
Geoff Griffith comments, “The implementation of Kirona’s Job Manager has helped us to realise the key benefits we set out to achieve. Field staff spend less time travelling and undertaking administration, freeing up time for the core activities that we want them to focus on. Ultimately the introduction of Kirona’s Job Manager has led to a 10-15% increase in our productivity and greater earning per field worker. We also now have visibility of how our field service is performing in real-time, whereas previously we wouldn’t know if there were any problems until after the event had occurred. Our next step is to expand the use of Job Manager to an additional 180 field workers in the organisation and to use more features of the software such as the electronic timesheets.”

Discover more about Kirona’s mobile workforce solutions and dynamic resource scheduling software by contacting laraine.geddes@kirona.com. Alternatively, meet Kirona at the Facilities Management Show, stand N750.



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