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Leesman Index reaches 600,000 milestone

The Leesman Index, the world’s foremost employee workplace experience and effectiveness benchmark has reached over 600,000 employee responses.

Workplace experts, Leesman, work globally helping business leaders to understand how workplaces support individual and organisational performance. It does so by examining what employees are doing and how well each of the activities that they undertake as part of their role are supported by the physical, virtual and social infrastructures on offer. The results are then analysed against the Leesman Index, a worldwide benchmark that calculates the design impact that these workplaces have on an employee’s overall experience, from their perception of personal productivity and level of enjoyment to their pride in their workspace.

As the largest independent research project of its kind, the database now encompasses findings from more than 600,000 employees worldwide, occupying 4,263 buildings in 93 countries.

The findings have revealed only 53.2 per cent of employees agree that their workplace is a place they’re proud to bring visitors to; 58.4 per cent agree it contributes to a sense of community; 57.2 per cent agree their workplace creates an enjoyable environment to work in; and 58.0 per cent agree it enables them to work productively.

According to Leesman, the data makes clear that too many workplaces are “not fit for purpose” 

Leesman’s CEO, Tim Oldman, said: “Thank you to the collaborators who have shared both our intellectual curiosity and our ambition that every employee has a great place in which to work. Those clients and their advisors have transformed the data we collect for them into actionable insights, on which they are basing a new style of informed, evidence-based decision-making. Our mantra has always been to push, probe and challenge, and this will continue to unearth the factors that help leadership teams to gain competitive advantage.”

Leesman’s policy of free dissemination of knowledge, allows this rich research source to be mined for the benefit of all to understand how the physical workplace creates strategic value for enterprises operating within every sector.

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