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Lighting innovation from Smart Systems banks significant ROI for client

Smart Systems understand the importance of innovation, demonstrated through our range of clients and specific requirements each of them have.

With the ability to quickly, efficiently and technically understand detailed requirements, Smart Systems are able to provide solutions for any project specific lighting requirement, and here is just one example how.

Working directly for the Client, a multi $bn International Bank, our brief was to propose a cost effective energy saving solution that could be implemented without any disruption to business, reducing their high energy costs from permanently lighting an underground car park due to safety & security concerns.

Smart Systems developed a quick install retrofit gear tray system, upgrading the lighting from T8 to T5 with integral microwave sensor & dimming ballast.

Results were a significant reduction in energy costs plus a ROI period less than 24 months.

www.smartsystemsuk.com ian.hill@smartsystemsuk.com 0247 636 4400

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