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Lighting that’s healthy for your employees

Light is as important to health as a balanced diet or regular exercise. It has a huge impact on our performance, sleep and emotions. Humans are driven by day and night meaning that natural daylight, or biologically effective artificial light which simulates daylight, is essential for us to function productively.

Since we now spend 90% of our time indoors, the buildings we live and work in can have a huge effect on our health and wellbeing. The artificial lights found in many buildings contain high levels of blue light. Exposure to this all day disrupts our hormone production. As a result of spending most of our days at work, our workplaces have a proportionately high impact on how we feel, act and sleep.

The Solution
LUCTRA is an award-winning lighting range, handcrafted in Germany from sustainable materials.

LUCTRA light is biologically effective so it not only illuminates, but promotes alertness, higher activity levels and restful sleep for its users.

Our main goal is to provide workers with light that is good for them and can be adjusted to their own needs. Just as we have ergonomic chairs, LUCTRA lamps can be controlled by each individual user, either via the touch panel on each lamp or our VITACORE app.

The range includes Table, Floor and innovative Mobile lamps for lighting a single desk or a bank of desks.

Do you have good light in your workplace? Feel the positive effects of daylight at your desk by trialling our TABLE PRO lamp www.experience-luctra.co.uk

For more information visit www.luctra.eu or call 01202 851 130.


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