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LUCTRA helps put the user in control in Swedish co-working space

In the past decade, co-working spaces have continued to grow in popularity and this new style of working is a prime example of how the landscape of our workspaces is rapidly changing.

Stockholm has become an international benchmark in terms of modern forms of work in recent years and No18 in the central district of Stureplan is one of the truly special co-working lounges in the Swedish capital.

Users have the option of renting an office in a relaxed, inspiring, yet highly professional atmosphere or using prestigious lounges and meeting rooms for business appointments. Since the summer of 2017, the lounges and an office on the fourth floor have been fitted with LUCTRA lamps.

Creative Director Ariel Ramirez: “We care a lot about the character and quality of light in our premises. On the one hand, it must provide the required quality of light to create the desired atmosphere in any given space and, on the other hand, it should also be easy to adapt to varying types of work or conversation without disturbing the overall ambience.“

Due to the low weight of just 2 kg and a battery life of about 25 hours, LUCTRA FLEX was the obvious lighting choice, especially in the lounge areas. Brightness and colour of the light can be adjusted individually and intuitively on the award-winning touch panel.

No18 also wanted a desk lighting solution that put the user in complete control of their lighting conditions. The LUCTRA TABLE PRO allows the user to control the lamp with an app which automatically generates a lighting pattern based on natural day¬light and takes into account the personal needs of the user.

Another advantage was that no matter what desk the user was using from day to day, they can also take their light curves with them via the app and simply transfer them to any other LUCTRA TABLE PRO lamp.

Do you have good light at your workplace? Feel the difference by trialling our TABLE PRO desktop lamp www.luctra.eu/en/experience-luctra

For more information visit www.luctra.eu or call 01202 851 130.


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