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LUCTRA VITAWORK – the answer to modern lighting needs

The world of work is changing: digitisation, co-working, agile workspaces, individualisation and ageing workforces are changing the way we work. Workplaces must be more flexible and adapt quickly to new ways of working. Seating comfort, noise protection, air quality and height-adjustable tables are trending topics in ergonomic office design. However visual ergonomics, i.e. lighting quality and visual comfort, are rarely the focus of attention.

A lack of daylight and inadequate or poor artificial lighting can lead to decreased concentration and physical complaints. Also, we’re all different; a 60-year old requires twice as much light as a mid-20-year-old to achieve comparable vision. Office lighting should therefore be flexible and individually adapted to our differing needs, which is why we’ve created VITAWORK.

A happier workforce
VITAWORK exceeds the 500 lux requirements of the European indoor workplace lighting standard (EN 12464-1), delivering light intensities of 1,000 lux. Surveys have revealed that more than 60 per cent of workers prefer light intensities in excess of 800 lux, which means using VITAWORK results in more contented workers.

Unique light distribution
VITAWORK is available in three different luminous flux intensities which are designed to light rooms of different size. This means that spaces can be lit efficiently using the appropriate type and number of VITAWORK luminaires: 7,000 lm for open space, 12,000 lm for offices with single and double work stations (approx. 16 m²) 17,000 lm for large rooms and exposed concrete ceilings.

Each VITAWORK is also available with either symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. Asymmetrical light distribution projects the light in a single direction, so it’s particularly useful when placing the luminaire near a wall or to prevent light being lost through a window.

VITAWORK has 2 light panels. The large downward facing panel provides direct light whilst the LED’s on the top of the lamp head provide indirect light. This combination provides natural light distribution and even illumination of a space.

Energy efficiency
LUCTRA VITAWORK is an intelligent lamp that flexibly adapts to the changing lighting environment enabling energy savings of up to 80%. The presence sensor automatically turns the lamp off when it’s not needed, saving energy. The light intensity sensor automatically brightens/dims the light to the appropriate level. So if it’s sunny outside, VITAWORK will detect this additional light and react, dimming the state-of-the-art LED’s to save energy.

VITAWORK is also extremely energy efficient at approx. 135 lm/W and with high luminous flux levels and unique light distribution, it can be used in any workplace instead of overhead ceiling lights. This means that switches, cables and suspended ceilings are no longer required, saving costs, protecting the environment and creating new opportunities for architects.

Speed Read:

  • We currently focus on workplace seating comfort, noise protection and air quality, but we don’t realise that bad lighting affects our health
  • The light level provided by VITAWORK results in more contented workers
  • VITAWORK is energy efficient and its sensors enable energy savings of up to 80%
  • VITAWORK replace ceiling lights, removing the need for expensive infrastructure

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