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Lumicom leaves its competitors behind

Official figures show that of the businesss-to-business luminaires recycled in 2011, over 97% were handled by Lumicom recyclers. This success is attributed to the organisation’s commitment to achieving full compliance backed by a high quality service.

To that end, Lumicom only uses recyclers that are fully authorised by the Environment Agency and capable of meeting the stringent recycling targets.

Luminaires are one of the few construction products that fall within the scope of the WEEE regulations and they also have the most complex route to market with so many players involved in the specification, application, supply, installation, eventual ownership and use. Environmental credentials are now as important as energy efficiency and the provision of a well-lit environment, therefore specifiers want assurance that luminaires replaced by the new green technology are properly recycled, which is why the specification of luminaires manufactured by Lumicom members is on the increase.

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