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Magenta launches guide to communicating workplace change

Communications agency for the built environment, Magenta Associates, has launched a guide to help businesses to communicate better during workplace change, as many businesses formalise their planning for the return to the office.

The guide, which is freely available to download from Magenta’s website covers:

  • The different types of workplace change project including the return to work post-Covid
  • The importance of planning and research
  • Creating a comms/ workplace change team
  • Developing key messages
  • Managing a timeline
  • The messaging tools and channels to use
  • How to support the team post-change

The past year has seen a revolution in the way businesses work and how the workplace is used. As many businesses formalise their planning for the return to the office, the guide provides practical steps to help people to adjust to the new way of working including social distancing measures and different working patterns. At the same time, it helps organisations which are undergoing other workplace change projects including introducing new workplace technology, planning a relocation or refurbishment.

Jo Sutherland, Magenta’s Managing Director commented: “How you communicate your workplace change will have a major impact on how engaged staff are with it as well as its overall success” adding “this guide helps facilities and workplace managers together with real estate professionals plan how to communicate workplace change effectively. It provides top tips and a dusting of inspiration on how to make any change a rip-roaring success.” 

Magenta has supported major workplace change projects in locations around the world in the retail, education, pharmaceutical, energy and corporate sectors with organisations ranging from SMEs to global organisations and everything in between.

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