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Make signage easy…save time and money

Print signage is booming and it’s not hard to understand why. Good signage is important to us all, to point us in the right direction or highlight safety procedures. Signage is used everywhere for so many different reasons. That’s why we developed DURAFRAME to be the one-stop-shop solution for all indoor signage needs.

DURAFRAME is an innovative and easy to use signage solution, designed to present information clearly and professionally. The front cover protects the loose sheets inside so they remain looking professional during use.

Self-adhesive, magnetic and hook and loop attachment options are available so the frame can be applied to any surface including windows, doors, walls, fabric boards, lockers, fridges, and whiteboards.

DURAFRAME is available in numerous sizes and colours, including dual-coloured safety versions which are ISO 3864-4 compliant. So DURAFRAME is extremely versatile and can be used to communicate hundreds of messages including building regulations, directions, warning information, signup sheets, telephone lists, room signage and maintenance lists.

Why choose DURAFRAME
• Save time and money on installation
• Reusable so it’s more eco-friendly than alternatives
• Reduced graphic and printing costs
• Consistent and professional look
• Change information quickly
• Frame looks identical from both sides

DURAFRAME®-GRIP                                            DURAFRAME®-MAGNETIC-SECURITY


Try it for yourself. Request your free sample at www.durableFMJ.co.uk

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