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Manage your carpark more effectively with app technology

Liftshare knows that in the UK there are thousands of businesses and local authorities that offer car-parking facilities and want to constantly strive to improve quality, convenience and choice for those that use them.

Would you like to know exactly who is car sharing on a daily basis? Would you like proof that the people using dedicated car share bays are genuine sharers? Would you like to be able to incentivise your staff to car share more often?

Smart Parking from Liftshare is the answer.

Smart Parking combines the innovative Liftshare app technology with Smart Parking Permits to help you optimise parking space usage, help reduce traffic around your business and in the local city and save your business car park management costs. Staff validate their journey every time they share using the app and all the data is visible on your dashboard.

Smart Parking has been designed to give you the ability to track actual liftsharing on a daily basis, enabling you to efficiently manage your car park, provide priority parking to those who are actually sharing, and allowing you to reward those that do. Smart Parking also enables you to monitor any abuse of the dedicated Liftshare parking bays that you implement.

How does it work?

Employees display their parking permit and trip authenticate each day they share using the Liftshare app. A parking attendant or a member of the Facilities staff scans the QR code on each permit. Your Liftshare dashboard show a log of permits scanned and gives full visibility of who has validated, at what time and what location.

Plus, our technology doesn’t track the whole journey, just the point of authentication, so it doesn’t drain battery and data like other products, and staff don’t feel spied on.

Get in touch with Liftshare today for a live demo and a full overview of our sustainable travel products.

Call 01603 389321, visit liftshare.com or email tellmemore@liftshare.com.



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