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Managing A Large Wedding and Golfing Complex

Events are big business, whether they are based around an unforgettable wedding, a corporate function or just a family weekend away. The UK has a unique history and a wealth of facilities that can give any such event a unique twist.

This provides no shortage of choices from the customer perspective and an equally wide range of opportunities for businesses. Just look at Essex barn wedding venues as a case in point. Typically located within broader entertainment facilities, such as golf clubs or attached to country hotels, they can provide a whole range of services that can be used together or separately, depending on customer preferences.

It sounds like a licence to print money, but in order to be a success, there are plenty of moving pieces to get right, not to mention the usual considerations of researching the consumer market, really understanding the target demographics and getting a handle on the layout, décor and even marketing campaigns that will be most effective.

Cornering the wedding market
Everyone has their own picture of the perfect wedding, whether it is arriving in a state of opulence in a horse drawn carriage for an event that would compete with anything the Harry and Meghans of this world might inspire, to something a little more low key. The latter is particularly pertinent to the growing number of people getting married for a second, or even third time later in life.

There are more choices than ever for where to carry out both the service and the reception, and a bespoke complex with a wedding barn and catering facilities along with a golf course and hotel either at or in close proximity ticks all the boxes.

For one thing, a wedding barn can be whatever the happy couple want it to be. From a fairy-tale wedding straight out of a Disney film to a select gathering of guests, a barn serves as a venue that is classy but as the same time is a blank canvas.

Style and convenience
For another, the whole rigmarole of ferrying guests from pre-wedding leisure activities to church to reception to hotel to post-wedding activities is largely eliminated, and this is an area in which those who think smart can really find success and develop a popular and thriving venue.

Nobody wants to spend several hours stuck in traffic, and a countryside property and golfing complex can think beyond the wedding day itself. Guests can arrive a day in advance and catch up with one another over a round of golf – or stay a day later and do so. Other facilities are offering services such as spa treatments for those whose idea of preparing for a wedding might not be four hours walking around a golf links.

The additional variations that can be made on this theme are practically limitless – ten pin bowling, snooker, even paintballing. The wedding and golfing complex is by no means new. But it has opened the eyes of businesses to the “one stop shop” in which providing wedding services means so much more than an open space, caterers and a disco.

Ultimately, a wedding is a reflection of the bride and groom’s personalities, and the equation is a simple one. The more options a venue can provide, the better it will be able to meet the needs of more happy couples.

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