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Mitie leads the field for carbon management

Mitie has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard, having achieved a carbon management score of 81 per cent  – the best score awarded for a UK FM business.

The score beats Mitie’s previous score by four percentage points and reflects the company’s commitment to effectively responding to climate change through strong governance, dedicated carbon accounting and proactive carbon management.

In 2010, Mitie made a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by 35 per cent by 2020. To date the company has reduced its carbon footprint by 34.7 per cent, against the 2010 baseline year, and a further 5.4 per cent against prior year. Over the past two years, Mitie has reduced its C02 usage by 3,723 tonnes which is equivalent to a Vauxhall van driving 17,000km – further than London to Sydney.

Through a number of fleet initiatives, including increased use of telematics, encouraging eco-driving and efficient vehicle selection, Mitie has continued to drive down its CO2 emissions. Several trials of alternative fuelled vehicles, including plug-in hybrid, EV and hydrogen fuelled vehicles, are helping to develop a future fleet strategy that will continue to reduce CO2 output across the Group.

This success in reducing CO2 emissions is part of Mitie’s wider sustainability agenda – both for the Group and its customers. Recent initiatives have included the implementation of an ISO 50001 energy management system within Mitie’s Energy & Water business; and the abolition of plastic straws within the Group’s catering business, Gather & Gather, at all of its 276 catering outlets across the UK and Ireland – the first contract caterer to call for a major reduction in single use plastics.

Nick Harris, Sector Lead Financial and Professional Services, The Carbon Trust, commented: “We are delighted that Mitie has achieved the Carbon Trust Standard. As a company with a vital role to play in greening the built environment it is encouraging to see such strong performance. We were impressed not just by the level of emissions reductions achieved by the company, but also the thorough approach being taken to carbon management which should lead to ongoing success.”

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