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Mitie’s ops director talks apprenticeships on Twitter for #NAW2014

For National Apprenticeship Week (#NAW2014), the Facilities Management Association (FMA) organised a ‘Twinterview’ (Twitter interview) with Mitie’s technical facilities management (FM) operations director, Antony Law, which took place yesterday, to discuss his personal experiences working up through the ranks of Mitie having started in the company as an apprentice. He also talked about what his company is doing to promote opportunities through its very own apprenticeship scheme – all using the hashtag #AskAntony

Law is a respected ambassador for the FM industry. Having started his career as an apprentice, it was hoped a campaign such as this would increase awareness among young people of all of the career opportunities available in the FM sector.

The ‘Twinterview’ began with questions from the FMA covering Law’s current role at Mitie, which Law described as ‘really varied’ – involving working on strategy, sales bids & presentations, and managing a diverse team, he tweeted:




“no two days are the same”



Law started his career as an electrician and when asked by the FMA, why he choose the FM industry, Law answered it offered him ‘broad opportunities to progress’.

The FMA / Andrew Law conversation Twitter conversation continued:

 FMA ‏@FMAssociation 

.@Antony_Law Why did you choose the facilities management industry? #AskAntony

 Antony Law ‏@Antony_Law

.@FMAssociation I started as an electrician @wearemitie & found FM offered me some great broad opportunities to progress #facman


FMA: How did you initially find out about apprenticeship opportunities?

AL: At college but ended up getting an interview via someone I met on a motorcycle course! 

FMA:  It was obviously meant to be!

AL: Love at first sight!!

FMA: What did you like most about becoming an apprentice?

AL: Opportunity to learn, develop & work with some like minded people

AL: An apprenticeship can take to anywhere – work hard & grasp every opportunity.

FMA: If you could give advice to an apprentice starting out in facilities management, what would it be?

AL: Keep an open mind & make the most of experiences. Ask plenty of questions!

FMA: What did you find most challenging?

AL: Getting out of bed! In all honesty proving to myself & others that I knew what I was doing.

We, at FMJ also posed Andrew Law a few questions via the #AskAntony hashtag

Are apprentices just cheap labour @Antony_Law ? #AskAntony #facilitiesmanagement

 Antony Law ‏@Antony_Law

.@fmjtoday No I believe they really underpin the future of the industry #AskAntony


FMJ: Why haven’t more FM companies created apprenticeship schemes?

AL: I believe they are really beginning to see the value now more than ever

FMJ:Would you say apprenticeships are more designed with men in mind than women? If yes, what can be done about it?

AL: Good question! I think the balance needs to shift & we need to do more to encourage women into apprenticeship

FMJ: Having taken the apprenticeship route what used to frustrate you & what could be done better?

AL: It’s easy to overlook people because of their age, we should take more chances & promote young talent

twitter_newbird_blueLaw’s response prompted Mitie employee Dan Harris  Dan Harris ‏@CrzGTDan89 who works for Mitie Security to reply:

@Antony_Law @wearemitie @fmjtoday I can’t wait to be given the opportunity to progress up the Mitie ladder. #wearemitie


The conversation was rounded off with talk of Mitie’s apprenticeship scheme:

FMA: Does Mitie have any #apprenticeship schemes and where can people find out more? 

AL: In lots of roles, from technical to admin. @wearemitie puts a big focus on training & development.  @wearemitie is 1 of the biggest employers of #apprentices in UK – over 1000 are in training & learning on the job.



Law concluded: Please check out http://mitie.com/careers  for more information.

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