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Money no object? So what price a life…..when Asbestos training costs just £30

Nicholas-associates-asbestos-training-MIFM-March-2014After David Cameron’s announcement that ‘money was no object’ when helping UK flood victims, national asbestos specialists Nichol Associates is asking, ‘what price a life?’ when £30 can deliver asbestos training for those delivering the clean-up operation.

Long term flooding brings with it unexpected dangers. A risk to human health comes from contaminated water and asbestos could be contained. Asbestos remains the biggest cause of work related deaths in the UK and its status as a hidden killer remains intact. Flood waters can damage the integrity of buildings, exposing asbestos fibres in flooring, walls and ceilings. Inhaling these once they dry out would pose a health hazard, particularly if lethal crocidolite or blue asbestos.

Asbestos related diseases can take 20 years to develop and there is no cure. Nichol Associates provides an in-house asbestos survey, removal, disposal, training and testing service. Consult the company’s website at www.nicholassociates.co.uk for advice or call 0191 438 54 32.


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