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Multi-million-pound upgrade for Paper Round’s MRF

Paper Round, established in 1988 by Friends of the Earth and now a separate commercial company, has just invested £2.5 million in upgrading its Purfleet Materials Recycling Facility.

The optimisation of the MRF will see a 300% increase in capacity and facilitates improved recycling rates for clients, which is a key target from the Government’s Waste and Resources Strategy.

In order to achieve all of this, the new MRF has been equipped with programmable Optical Sorters, capable of picking out different materials, separate polymers and different fibres, a Waste Screen that separates ‘fines’, an Eddy Current separator used to separate non-ferrous metals such as aluminium cans and a Ballistic Separator separating 2D and 3D products.

With the latest recycling technology & processes in place, the facility is able to process significantly more types of material and benefit from more robust operational processes and traceability of waste streams.

Alison Roe, director of Paper Round explains further: “The installation of the new equipment at our MRF has not only given Paper Round the capacity to process significantly more material in line with our growth plans, it has also enabled us to achieve higher recovery rates. We now believe we operate the largest Materials Recycling Facility in London focused solely on the needs of commercial clients. Having a dedicated ‘clean’ MRF means that recycling rates are higher due to less contaminated materials being received from businesses than from households. This, combined with our investment in the latest equipment means that we can process material quicker and more accurately.”

Prioritising quality over quantity has always been a key drive for Paper Round, even before the upgrade. Managing director Bill Swan explains: “We have worked hard to develop a strong reputation in recovering high-quality recycled materials from commercial waste. We do this to improve clients’ recycling rates and give materials a new life, so contributing to the growth of the circular economy”.

This emphasis on quality has gained Paper Round a reputation for delivering the best possible real recycling solutions to clients and good quality materials.

Having said that, the recycling and waste company is committed to being honest on what can and cannot be recycled in the real world. As Swan further explains, “in many cases, businesses are led to believe that anything put into mixed recycling can be magically recycled, while the reality is that something like crisp packets and plastic film cannot be practically recycled with mixed recycling materials.’

This drive to being honest about what constitutes best practice recycling has led Paper Round to become one of the first recycling companies to bring to market new recycling streams; from the foundation of the company in offering source segregated paper recycling, through food & coffee cup recycling.

Further to this, owning both the capability to collect and the ability to process their own materials allows Paper Round to not only introduce services quickly but also have complete traceability, meaning they have full control of the destination of materials.

“When we look to the future, we see an increased focus on sustainability & traceability and this £2.5m MRF upgrade provides certainty that best-practices will be delivered to our clients” explains Swan.

The new MRF is certainly a significant commitment in delivering their vision of “forging a better future by championing recycling and the circular economy”.

The MRF is now in the optimisation stage and is set to be open for visitors later this month.

For more information visit www.paper-round.co.uk or call 020 7407 9100.


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