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Mustang showcases its barcode monitoring system

As a facilities manager, do you know exactly when your company washrooms have been serviced, and by whom? Are you confident that every soap dispenser has been filled, every sanitary bin emptied and every air freshener unit replaced, so your business creates the right impression? And does your current washroom service provider not only log the date and time of all of these actions, but email a sign-off document to you when the job has been completed?

Customers of Mustang Washrooms can answer ‘yes’ to all these questions, thanks to the organisation’s unique barcode monitoring system. “Ours is a technologically advanced washroom solution that gives a time-saving, cost-effective service to business owners,” explains the company’s director, Paul Downes. “Our GPS monitoring system utilises Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology; each item we install is securely bar-coded to monitor every re-stock and service. The movements and location of our service technicians are tracked by satellite using PDA scanners, for complete transparency and accountability. This means clients can truly evaluate our service provision to their business,” Downes explains.

Once Mustang’s technicians have finished a service operation, it is approved and ‘signed off’ in order for the system to email the client. The data is sent to Mustang’s corporate head office, and in line with the company’s transparent business model, is always available to clients for auditing purposes.

A complete washroom service

“We have four buildings covering 12,000 sq m in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, welcoming over 10,000 students from all backgrounds, ages and abilities,” says Nigel Garrigan, college estates and facilities manager at Kensington and Chelsea College.

“Theirs is a complete washroom provision with a unique barcode system that reports and monitors services, with the results being emailed to my office; this provides an excellent quality and audit service,” Garrigan continues.

“Mustang has worked with the college for over four years and in that time has provided a consistent, reliable service, which has been flexible when required, and which, from a customer’s viewpoint, has been extremely easy to manage. Paul and his team continue to provide the highest standards of washroom service and customer care.”

Hygiene control

Paul Downes’ team is certainly very focused on hygiene control. “In addition to our barcode system, we have also embraced technological hygiene solutions. We are very aware that germs can easily spread in the washroom due to poor sanitation and lack of proper hand cleaning; viruses such as the rotavirus and faecal coliforms such as E. coli and streptococcus can thrive in unclean conditions and are passed on by touch. With an estimated 97% of washroom users ineffectively washing their hands, it is important to ensure the correct provision of washroom supplies and systems that reduce the spread of germs,” Downes explains. “Regular, sanitary cleaning of washrooms and toilets is the only way to reduce bacteria numbers and prevent cross-contamination.”

Mustang offers companies clever systems to deal with these challenges, including the automatic urinal and WC cleaning system, which have flexible programming options that allow delivery of cleaning chemicals to be matched to location conditions, so toilets and urinals are always clean and pleasantly fragranced. “We also offer products such as the Automatic Ozone Generator, which destroys harmful microorganisms to neutralise unpleasant smells, and a range of janitorial supplies,” Downes adds.

Mustang is committed to establishing strong relationships with FMs and company decision makers, with Downes telling MiFM he believes in partnerships that allow supplier and customer to work together to develop healthy growth strategies. “Client satisfaction is our ultimate priority,” Downes says. “We are strong believers in utilising technology to provide a results-driven service, and are proud of the customer relationships we build.”

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