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myfm releases return to work guide for property and facility managers

UK specialist FM consultancy and interim management organisation, myfm, has produced a new guide on preparing buildings for safe occupancy following the Covid-19 lockdown.

The guide is being shared with myfm clients and others across the industry, as part of a package of support, and covers overarching topics such as:

• Identification of stakeholder representatives and accountabilities

• Appointing a Covid leader, responsible for managing the return to work plan

• The development of Covid-19-Secure Risk Assessments & site-specific return to work plans

• Social distancing, hygiene, PPE and M&E – practical guidance & industry innovations

• Communications, especially as many people will continue to work remotely

• How to keep up to date with changing government guidelines • Monitoring, measurement, management and audit trails

• Compliance, non-compliance, issue resolution and implications

The guide has 10 detailed sections each of which includes primary objectives and detailed reference material as well as practical steps for consideration and action.

Julian Harrison, myfm Business Unit Director said: “Both the situation and the guidance available to our industry is changing rapidly so through the guide, we are signposting to the latest resources and advice. Alongside this, we are helping with the interpretation of advice and provide practical tips on implementation as well as innovations and technology solutions.

“The Government has handed much of the responsibility back to employers and building managers to decide when a building is safe to open, based on a thorough Covid-19-Secure risk assessment. The steps we follow help with this process and offer the potential to accelerate the journey to opening.

“Also, we are seeing that the pandemic is acting as a workplace disruptor, forcing employers and building managers to look closely at their long-standing workplace and business practices and use of technology. Covid-19 has forced many businesses to adapt at an unprecedented rate which is why it is the ideal time to consider how to work more effectively in future.”

An article summarising the guide can be accessed from the myfm website 

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