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Almost half of staff do not feel valued or recognised in the workplace

Since the Equality Act of 2010, employers have taken more action to develop ‘inclusive’ workplaces however, new research indicates that more still needs to be done.

A recent YouGov Omnibus poll has revealed that 45 per cent of employees in Great Britain do not feel valued by their employer, a figure which rises to 49 percent of those surveyed aged 45-54. The poll also showed that 57 per cent of staff do not feel that their employers recognise their full potential.

National Inclusion Week which takes place 6-10 October 2014, is a UK-wide campaign aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of inclusion, to assist employers in avoiding the pitfalls of discrimination and allow employees to reach their full potential. The week provides employers with an opportunity to engage with inclusion in the workplace through a range of creative events and activities.

Over 50 UK employers have already signed up for National Inclusion Week 2014 including NHS Employers, Environment Agency South West Trains, Telefonica, Circle Housing, Strudel, The House of Commons and Leeds City Council.

Speaking about the campaign, Derek McManus, Telefónica UK’s COO and board diversity lead, commented:

“National Inclusion Week is an important opportunity for employers to take stock of the working environment they provide for their people and consider ways to create a more supportive, encouraging and, ultimately, productive workplace.

“The fact that nearly half of employees don’t feel valued at work is a major concern – and something that all companies should address. At Telefónica, our internal networks, mentoring schemes and deep-rooted flexible working culture all help to create a strong support system for our employees and it’s incredibly important to us that our people feel valued as individuals when they come to work. This isn’t just morally right, but makes complete business sense, helping us to get the best out of our people while continuing to attract the very best talent.”

Richard McKenna, director, Inclusive Employers commented:

“If staff do not feel that their potential is recognised, employers risk losing them, incurring more costs recruiting and training their replacement or a reduction in performance.

National Inclusion Week can be a springboard to exploring the talents of staff, empowering them to use their skills, interests and individuality to enhance the business and develop new ideas and initiatives that commercially enhance the business. This creates a work place where staff feel a greater sense of value and satisfaction”.

National Inclusion Week will be launched at Leeds City Council on Monday 6 October.

Councillor Keith Wakefield, leader of Leeds City Council said:

“It is great to be able to launch National Inclusion Week in Leeds. Inclusion is a real priority for the council, and a matter which we take very seriously and are committed to promoting across our workforce.”

To find out what’s happening during National Inclusion Week please click here.



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