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With new Aqua Fend Liquid Glass unwanted graffiti is a thing of the past….

Many facility managers have grown tired of removing graffiti from their buildings, when as soon as it is cleaned, more arrives. Sound familiar?

The cost of graffiti removal is huge and the estimated cost of graffiti removal across the UK is £1 billion a year so there is definitely an urgent need to find a solution to this epidemic.

With this in mind, exterior cleaning expert, Thomann-Hanry has launched new Aqua Fend Liquid Glass – a powerful anti-graffiti solution that protects surfaces susceptible to unwanted graffiti.

Creating an ultra-thin transparent and shine free protective layer just 100nm thick – a nm being 80,000 times thinner than a human hair – new Aqua Fend Liquid Glass prevents unwanted pigments penetrating its coating. Graffiti and other contaminants can be removed simply with water or if necessary, a low cost mild detergent.

Mark Styles, Managing Director at Thomann-Hanry comments,

“For years we have frequently encountered clients battling with the inconvenience of graffiti. All they want is a cost effective solution that works – something that eases graffiti removal deterring the vandals and resolving the ongoing problem. We know our clients will be highly impressed with the effectiveness of Aqua Fend Liquid Glass. It is unmatched in its capability, is long lasting with its effectiveness and extremely cost effective.”

Arguably the most powerful anti-graffiti product on the market, new Aqua Fend Liquid Glass has numerous benefits over traditional polyurethane, rough coverings and two part systems.

Based on Nano technology, Aqua Fend Liquid Glass is pure glass broken down to a molecular level and suspended in a liquid which evenly separates the molecules and ensures complete and overlapping coverage. Application is simple using a brush or sprayer. Once dry an invisible and long lasting coating remains.

This coating is incredibly hard wearing, resistant to UV, alkalis and acids as well as extreme temperatures. A clean dry surface can be quickly and easily retreated.

For further information, including a technical data sheet, readers should visit www.aquafend.co.uk or contact info@aquafend.co.uk. Aqua Fend LG is available in quantities of either 1L, 5L or 25L.


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