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New BIFM Board members confirmed

A number of key British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) Board appointments have been announced at the Institute’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday. This followed voting which took place during a Members’ Council meeting held prior to the AGM.

Four new Board appointments were confirmed, all of whom will serve a two-year tenure:

  • New Members’ Council Representative: Emma Bailey (new position voted in at the 2011 AGM)
  • New Special Interest Group Representative: Samantha Bowman (replacing Gordon Ludlow, who is stepping down after two years)
  • New Members’ Council Representative: Julie Kortens (replacing Liz Kentish who is the new BIFM Deputy Chairman)
  • New Regional Representative: Ian Townsend, BIFM Home Counties Chair (replacing Ashley Rogers, who is the new Chair of Members’ Council)

Speaking on these new appointments, Ismena Clout, BIFM Chairman, said: “I am delighted to welcome Ian, Samantha, Julie and Emma to the BIFM Board. They bring an excellent and diverse range of skills which should complement fellow Board members. The main role of the Board is to guide the Institute through setting strategic direction and ensure good governance. I am in no doubt that we have a team who can take BIFM to the next level and beyond as we all work to advance the FM profession. On behalf of all members, I would like to thank Iain Murray, Stuart Harris and Gordon Ludlow for the time and commitment they have given BIFM over the last few years, as they now leave the Board following the end of their terms.”

The full BIFM Board now comprises:

  • Ismena Clout (BIFM Chairman)
  • Liz Kentish (BIFM Deputy Chairman)
  • Emma Bailey (Members’ Council Representative)
  • Stephen Bennett (BIFM Strategy Director)
  • Samantha Bowman (Special Interest Group Representative)
  • Graham Briscoe (Audit Committee)
  • Bill Clark (Governance Committee)
  • Julie Kortens (Members’ Council Representative)
  • Mark Morgan (BIFM Finance Director and Company Secretary)
  • Ashley Rogers (Chair of Members’ Council, non-voting Board member)
  • Gareth Tancred (BIFM CEO)
  • Ian Townsend (Regional Representative)

At the AGM it was also announced that Ashleigh Brown and Stuart Harris would continue on Members’ Council in the new positions of Corporate Representative and Individual Representative respectively.

Preceding the AGM was a Members’ Council meeting, the first to be chaired by Ashley Rogers in his new role of Chair of Members’ Council, following his election during the March 2012 meeting. In previous years, the BIFM Chairman was also Chair of Members’ Council but at the 2011 AGM BIFM, members voted to split these roles. Speaking on his election, Rogers, said: “I am honoured to have been voted in to this new key role, and am really looking forward to the challenge. It is a great time to be involved with BIFM; there are lots of exciting initiatives happening.”

BIFM Members’ Council now comprises:

  • Ashley Rogers (Members’ Council Chair)
  • Bernard Crouch (Members’ Council Deputy Chair)
  • Gareth Andrews (Regional Chair – South West)
  • Emma Bailey (Elected Member – Corporate)
  • Dave Barrett (Regional Chair – South Region)
  • Simon Biggs (SIG Chair – Catering and Hospitality)
  • Lucy Black (SIG Chair – Sustainability)
  • Stuart Bonner (Regional Chair – Midlands)
  • John Bowen (SIG Chair – Procurement)
  • Samantha Bowman (SIG Chair – Rising FMs)
  • Ashleigh Brown (Elected Member – Corporate)
  • Steve Dance (SIG Chair – Security and Business Continuity)
  • Beth Goodyear (Elected Member – Individual)
  • Rob Greenfield (SIG Chair – Health and Safety)
  • Stuart Harris (Elected Member – Individual)
  • Julie Kortens (SIG Chair – Women in FM)
  • Tim Jonck (Regional Chair – East)
  • Joan Melville (Regional Chair – Scotland)
  • Ali Moran (SIG Chair – People Management)
  • David Millar (Regional and SIG Chair – International)
  • Martin Pritchett (SIG Chair – Education)
  • Stephen Roots (Regional Chair – North)
  • Chris Stoddart (Chair – Fellows Forum)
  • Ian Townsend (Regional Chair – Home Counties)
  • Matthew Wailling (SIG Chair – Workplace)
  • Nigel Walker (SIG Chair – Retail)
  • Stephen Welch (Regional Chair – Ireland)

Individuals who are entitled to attend Members’ Council are:

  • Stephen Bennett (BIFM Strategy Director)
  • Graham Briscoe (Chair of Audit Committee)
  • Bill Clark (Chair of Governance Committee)
  • Ismena Clout (BIFM Chairman)
  • Liz Kentish (BIFM Deputy Chair)
  • Mark Morgan (BIFM Finance Director and Company Secretary)
  • Gareth Tancred (BIFM CEO)

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