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New Bill cracks down on fly tipping on properties

A new Bill with tougher statutory laws to control the rising number of fly tipping incidents has been welcomed by vacant property management specialists VPS.

Fly-tipping occurs every 40 seconds in England, posing a “serious environmental and fire hazard” for which vacant properties are especially vulnerable.

The Control of Waste (Dealing with Seized Property) Regulations 2015 came into force in England and Wales on 6 April 2015. The Bill broadens the range of offences for which a vehicle involved in fly-tipping can be seized, removes the need for a warrant to be obtained before seizure, and sets out the circumstances under which the enforcement authority may sell or destroy seized property.

Anthony Owen, managing director of VPS, commented:

“Fly-tipping is endemic in the UK. Last year the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs reported a 20 per cent increase in fly-tipping on the previous year. Local authorities recorded 852,000 incidents of fly-tipping. That’s the equivalent of rubbish being dumped illegally every 40 seconds!

“Combine those statistics with the number of outdoor and non-dwelling fires the fire services have to deal where rubbish has been set alight – it’s well over 300 every day – and it’s easy to see why this is a serious issue – environmentally, for safety and for cost, both human and financial.

“Because we specialise in managing vacant properties, which are amongst the most vulnerable places for both fly-tipping and arson attacks, VPS have always urged facilities managers and owners to clear empty sites of combustible materials and to keep checking they remain clear.”



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