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New Despatch classroom messaging system for schools & colleges

Everyone is now familiar with the concept of instant messaging – SMS texts, Twitter, Blackberry Messaging, etc. However, in schools and colleges these services are frequently locked-down to prevent misuse, but there remains a real need to communicate with teachers while classes are in progress. The new Despatch messaging system provides this facility.

The Despatch software allows a message to be instantly shown on any screen, display or monitor around an establishment. This includes not only computer monitors and laptops but also signage displays, projection screens and even interactive whiteboards. No new hardware is required.

Despatch is a clever piece of messaging software that enables information to be sent to all screens, selected groups or even individual classes.

Despatch is ideal for communicating general messages, urgent announcements or instant alerts. Typical applications include announcements of room changes, assembly times, after-school activities, sports events, fire drills, and even individual messages to specific classes or teachers and students within a class. It can even send a “Private Message” where the information is sensitive or personal.

The software is simple to install, operate and maintain. It is also fully scalable from one or two rooms up to hundreds.

The price of the Despatch system is dependent upon the number of user licenses required. However, a typical primary or middle school system allowing messaging to up to twenty screens would cost less than £600.

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