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New fire extinguisher can increase your profits

Facility Management companies, like all other companies are looking at ways to increase their sales, improve efficiencies and in turn increase profits. Bringing the servicing of extinguishers under their own roof could be one way to help Facilities Management companies to do just that.

Traditionally, it has been costly to train in-house extinguisher engineers to be able to service customers’ extinguishers. After the initial investment into training, refresher courses are required, all of which are costly. On top of that every service van has to be equipped with tools, spares and replacement extinguishers. Many Facility Management companies found a compromise by outsourcing the servicing of fire extinguishers to a third party but this also reduces their profit margins.

Now the new Britannia P50 fire extinguisher can offer the opportunity for all of your engineers to be able to service a customer’s fire extinguishers at the same time they service other equipment such as alarm systems.

The P50 changes the way extinguishers are serviced. The unique construction and the high performance components enable these extinguishers to no longer require in-depth yearly servicing or a discharge after 5 years. The yearly service required can therefore be carried out by all maintenance staff without specialist training. The yearly service of the P50 takes approximately one minute per extinguisher to complete and does not require any tools.

Harry Dewick-Eisele, managing director of Safelincs who supply the extinguishers explains, “We offer to complete, on behalf of Facility Management companies, the initial site survey, delivery and installation of the extinguishers, which is included in the price. At the same time we will demonstrate to their staff how to undertake the annual check. And to back it up we have a short video available on our web site that runs through the checking procedure.”

The extinguishers also stand out from others on the market in that they are made from composite plastics, reinforced with the material from which bullet proof vests are made. This means they will not rust or corrode making them ideal for outdoor areas and anywhere subject to moisture such as swimming pools.

The Britannia P50 Fireworld is guaranteed for ten years after which it can be refurbished and used for a further ten service-free years. It is available in both foam and powder versions. The extinguishers carry the BSI Kitemark to BS EN3, the British and European standard for fire extinguishers, and are accepted by insurance companies.

For further information about how to introduce the P50 into your portfolio please contact our customer service team on 0800 612 6537.



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