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New improved, safer and more accurate night vision from MLS

The NiteSite Spotter is the ideal piece of equipment for anyone working at night in security, surveillance, facilities management and agriculture.
Distributed by MANS Location Services (MLS), the NiteSite Spotter is a handheld night vision device using infrared technology to provide distinct night vision at a distance of over 400 metres in total darkness.

Whether it is for identifying intruders within a business park or secure area, finding lost or injured livestock or tracking down pests good night vision is a huge asset to anyone providing security and management services during the hours of darkness. The design of NiteSite Spotter provides just that. Its design allows for the operator to have their head up and remain mobile giving a wide field of view.

Nite-site-spotter-MLS-MIFM-Nov13The NiteSite Spotter features an impressive 20x optical zoom, which can be quickly and easily adjusted and refocused as an operator pans around. It also has a battery that provides two hours of continuous use and can be fully re-charged in 7-8 hours. It can be used almost immediately as it can be switched on and functioning within seconds. Its focus and zoom controls are perfectly positioned to accommodate both left-handed and right-handed users and can be easily operated with or without gloves.

The NiteSite Spotter is fully BS8484 compliant and is ideal for lone workers who need safe, non-confrontational surveillance and it can be used in any conditions as it is fully operational between temperatures of -20°C to 60°C.

Mike Napper, managing director of MLS said:

“This is one of the most remarkable and effective products I have ever handled. The NiteSite Spotter is ideal for anyone working in the countryside at night that needs to monitor animal movements or observe potential intruders during the hours of darkness because of its superb range and ease of use.”

For more information visit www.mansls.com or call 01249 816181


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