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New office spray humidifier

JS Humidifiers has launched the Draabe NanoFog Evolution, a low energy in-room spray humidifier that is ideal for use in offices. This compact, attractive and quiet humidifier will maintain the optimum relative humidity while operating on 97% less energy than in-room steam humidifiers.

If the relative humidity drops below 40% in an office environment, the air will draw moisture from all available sources, including the office workers. Dry throats don’t only lead to hoarseness and vocal fatigue but the body is more prone to illness as moisture in the nose and throat is a natural defence against airborne infections. By using a humidifier to add moisture to the atmosphere, a healthy environment is maintained and workers’ health and productivity improved.

The NanoFog Evolution incorporates zone control so that humidity levels can be set at a local level. Digital in-room hygrostats display humidity and temperature, and allow adjustments to be made to humidity set points.

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