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Half of employees are unhappy with workplace hygiene

According to new research commissioned by PHS Group, 48 per cent of staff are unhappy with the hygiene standard of their workplace.

The workplace services provider also found, that a staggering 88 percent reported that the standard of their workplace impacts on productivity, and is now warning it’s time for organisations to take note.

Gareth Rhys Williams, chief executive at PHS Group, explained:

“This research was undertaken in a bid to identify what really makes a good workplace in the eyes of today’s workforce. With up to five distinct working generations, for example Baby Boomers and Gen Y, now operating in the same workplace, organisations need to understand what motivates them.

Our survey has exposed a number of interesting findings, which are impacting on business profitability each and every day. With companies vying for the best talent, a pleasant working environment is actually very important to potential employees.”

When asked what could be upgraded, the survey respondents felt most strongly about improved scents, office cleanliness and washroom hygiene. It was also revealed that with 87 per cent working in an open plan office, 25 per cent would welcome a casual breakout area.

The survey also highlighted a strong relationship between the standard of the workplace and company culture (68 per cent), as well as a high correlation between the standard of the workplace and employee work life balance (64 per cent).

PHS has outlined its tops tips in promoting a happy workplace:

  1. Workplace cleanliness is essential for staff morale, productivity and reducing staff illness. Ensure hygiene standards are high in all areas, including working environments and washrooms.
  2. Keep the workplace smelling fresh. Unpleasant smells are bound to demotivate staff.
  3. Ensure staff have access to drinking water. A hydrated team is a more productive one.
  4. Office plants don’t only improve the look of a workplace, they also improve productivity and wellbeing.
  5. Ensure employees are getting the downtime they deserve. Regular breaks will keep staff motivated and upbeat.

The survey sample of 108 respondents included individuals with varying job roles in companies of all sizes. The gender breakdown was 43 per cent female and 57 per cent male.

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